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Reynir Sterki

Beyond StrengthReynir Sterki / Reynir, der Starke

Documentary, Iceland 2017, 87 Min., iceland. OV, engl. st

He bent handcuffs as if they were paper clips and tore iron chains in two. Back then, everybody in Iceland knew about the man who everyone called simply Reynir the Strong. That includes Baldvin Z, who says this film was a labour of love, who was fascinated even as a child by the strongman and escape artist. The director painstakingly pieced together Reynir’s shaky life story. Using archive footage, and interviews with friends and family, he draws a picture of an energetic, yet oddly hidden man. He grew up in care homes and was dismissed by many as a simpleton, but his unusual strength afforded the truck driver a modicum of fame. He even drew some attention as an inventor. But paranoia, alcohol, and violence also played a role in his life, which ended in an early death. This cinematic portrait often leaves you speechless.

Director Baldvin Z (Zophoníasson)

Screenplay Baldvin Z, Birgir Örn Steinarsson

Producer Baldvin Z

Cast Reynir Örn Leósson

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