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Drugelio miestas

Butterfly CityDrugelio miestas / Schmetterlingsstadt

Documentary, Ireland / Lithuania / Belgium / Denmark 2017, 95 Min., russ., lit. OV, engl. st

In aerial view, Visaginas was supposed to look like a butterfly, with four wings, one for each nuclear reactor. It was built from the ground up in northeastern Lithuania in 1975 to house workers at the Ignalia nuclear power plant. It was a Soviet utopia in concrete that attracted people from all over the USSR. But now its future is uncertain; the Soviet Union is a thing of the past, the atomic piles long since shut down. What remains is the largest pocket of the Russian-speaking minority in Lithuania. Over several years, Olga ernovaite made a series of visits to the city and its residents. She met people who refuse to be beaten down despite the gloomy outlook, who continue to cultivate their traditions and culture, and see Visaginas as their home. They have not given up on the dream of a community, but because of their presumed loyalty to Russia, they face increasing hostility.

Director Olga Cernovaite

Screenplay Olga Cernovaite

Producer Jeremiah Cullinane


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No screenings are available for this film.