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Hobbyhorse Revolution

Hobbyhorse Revolution

Documentary, Finland / Sweden 2017, 90 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

They are virtuosos at “riding” their hobby horses around the dressage course or over the jumps. Hobby horsing is all the rage among Finland’s teenage girls at the moment. The equestrians compete against each other at tournaments all over the country. Alisa’s freestyle runs set new standards and with her YouTube channel, she is a bit of a star in the hobbyhorse scene. Aisku also has high ambitions and is already a sought-after coach. And sensitive Elsa is mostly just happy to have found a place in this community where she feels at ease. Documentarian Selma Vilhunen not only shows the three young women designing their hobbyhorses, training extensively, and competing in tournaments, in doing so, she gives the audience access to the sometimes complicated life of three teenagers who remain outsiders at school, but who can be themselves in the hobbyhorsing community.

Director Selma Vilhunen

Screenplay Selma Vilhunen, Okku Nuutilainen

Producer Venla Hellstedt, Elli Toivoniemi

Cast Alisa Aarniomäki, Aisku Njie, Elsa Salo


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No screenings are available for this film.