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Neljä elementtiä

Life in Four ElementsNeljä elementtiä / Life in Four Elements

Documentary, Finland / Estonia / Austria 2017, 73 Min., finn., germ., span., engl. OV, engl. st

For the ancient Greeks, the four elements were the basis of all existence – for each of the protagonists of this film, one of those elements is the basis of everything they do. There is an Austrian base jumper, who not only experiences an adrenaline rush during freefall, but also a sense of the sublime. A Finnish free diver, who feels free in the complete solitude under the ice. The Spanish fire-fighter, who battles fires with all his strength, yet still harbours a fascination with the flames. And finally, the Austrian cave explorer, who forgets time on his days-long expeditions deep into the rocks. The filmmaker spent four years with these four, all of whom push the envelope. With impressive imagery, she shows each of them in their element, allows them to talk about their thoughts and feelings as they face it. This is a film about elementary living, about the existential contest with nature and with one’s own limits.

Director Natalie Johanna Halla

Screenplay Natalie Johanna Halla

Producer Marko Röhr


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