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Black Hole Mama

Black Hole Mama

Documentary, Finland 2017, 47 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

“This is what I’ve got. You can’t order your life like you can a pizza.” A long-haired man sits on a bed, telling his life story. He lives at Jakomäentie 6, in a satellite city near Helsinki. In the 60s, the Finnish state built social housing here that became home to many people. Now one of the buildings is scheduled to be torn down. Photographer Heidi Piiroinen once rented a one-room flat here. She documents everyday life in the housing community with her camera, up to the day of the move. Life together is not always peaceful, yet the neighbours form a community, in which they know and help each other. They sit on the garden swing, play cards, and have barbecues. Teenagers skate in empty spaces; men reminisce about the war. Then it comes time to take the curtains down.

Director Heidi Piiroinen

Screenplay Heidi Piiroinen, Kalle Sipilä

Producer Heidi Piiroinen

Cast Risto Salmi, Matti Kolehmainen, Kari Okkonen, Stanislav Straih, Pirkko Pöri, Ann-Marie Nyberg, Päivi Mäkelä


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