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Kesäni sudenkorentona

Once I Was a DragonflyKesäni sudenkorentona / Mein Sommer als Libelle

Documentary, Finland 2017, 66 Min., fin., engl. OV, engl. st

When he was six years old, Miikka saved a dragonfly in his classroom that was about to be stomped on by another boy. This film documents an obstinate passion. It combines home video footage that the now 25-year-old Miikka has been making since he was a child, with interviews, creating an unbiased portrait. Miikka is more or less alone in his devotion – “people normally don’t like insects”, we hear his childhood voice say over a video of a dragonfly on the water. “We think they’re disgusting, but that’s only one part of the truth.” Miikka’s images let the audience see the bugs through his eyes, and they develop a special beauty of their own, and a vast diversity. At the same time, the film shows us a young man growing up – Miikka used his camera to document not just the world of insects, but also himself getting older.

Director Elli Toivoniemi

Screenplay Elli Toivoniemi

Producer Elli Toivoniemi

Cast Mikka Friman


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No screenings are available for this film.