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Rigtig Voksen

Life as a Grown-UpRigtig Voksen / Richtig erwachsen

Documentary, Denmark 2017, 75 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

At the ultrasound appointment, they are as excited as most expectant parents. Xenia and Mathias are both 23 and expecting a baby boy. They’re thrilled and want to be there, for each other and for their child. But their pasts catch up with that desire for normality. Xenia had to take on responsibility for her younger siblings at an early age; Mathias’ family suffered under their father’s alcoholism. How do you become a real adult when you were never allowed to simply be a child? This cinematic observation does not sugar coat the huge challenges of life for a young family. Their son Linus is premature, they barely keep up with the cleaning and shopping, and old routines threaten to encroach on their efforts. Xenia and Mathias regard the authorities’ offers of aid and attempts at supervision with suspicion. But they don’t give up their fight for happiness.

Director Anders Gustafsson

Producer Helle Faber


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No screenings are available for this film.