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Dem vi var

Who We WereDem vi var / Wer wir waren

Documentary, Denmark 2016, 82 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

The film opens with the audio of a call to emergency services. A desperate woman reports that her husband is lying on the floor and asks what’s taking the ambulance so long. We are immediately drawn into the intimate space that the film creates between the audience and its subjects. In the wake of a stroke, one-third of Kristian’s brain is destroyed. The 39-year-old man has to re-learn even the simplest things – walking, setting the table. Mette does everything she can to get him out of the rehab clinic and back home as quickly as possible. Their house is re-fitted and Kristian’s body recovers. But he has changed. Sine Skibsholt and her crew followed the couple and their children for a year. “Who We Were” takes us to the very core of a family in an existential crisis. Yet the film succeeds in respecting boundaries, although it documents, among other things, the sorrow of irretrievable loss.

Director Sine Skibsholt

Producer Helle Faber


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No screenings are available for this film.