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Ég man thig

I Remember YouÉg man thig / I Remember You

Specials, Iceland / Norway / Germany 2017, 105 Min., iceland. OV, germ. st, FSK 16

A woman is found hanged in a church. The police assume it is suicide, but they nonetheless consult the psychologist Freyr about the case. A man marked by misfortune, the professional’s son has disappeared without a trace. His investigation uncovers similarities between two different fatalities. In the style of “The Conjuring” and “The Ring”, director Óskar Thór Axelsson creates in “I Remember You” an oppressive atmosphere that goes far beyond the sinister mood that is common to the genre. A young couple, along with a friend, are planning to renovate a cabin without electricity, in Iceland’s remote West Fjords region, a location that offers an abundance of opportunities for scary moments. But the intensity of the film lies primarily with its story. Axelsson uses a clever construct of two loosely-tied narrative threads unspooling side by side before they are brought together in the film’s final moments. The effect is compelling.

Director Óskar Thór Axelsson

Screenplay Óskar Thór Axelsson, Ottó Geir Borg nach dem Roman von / based on a novel by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir

Producer Skúli Malmquist, Thor Sigurjonsson, Sigurjon Sighvatsson

Cast Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Freyr), Thor Kristjansson (Gardar), Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir (Líf)


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