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Måste gitt

A Hustler's DiaryMåste gitt / Tagebuch eines Gangsters

Feature Films, Sweden 2017, 96 Min., swed., turk. OV, engl. st

Metin lives with his widowed mother and younger brother in the Swedish social welfare housing estate Jordbro. He gets by; he and his gang flog counterfeit watches from China, and take on small jobs, such as setting fire to cars. Metin writes daily in a journal. When the dairy accidentally falls into the hands of a publisher, two worlds collide. The publisher smells the sweet scent of a literary sensation, enthusing that the text is poetry, written straight from the heart. He wants to turn the small time Turkish-Swedish gangster into a literary lion. Metin is less enthusiastic and sees the practical side of things – “if you publish that, half the city will end up in prison”. “A Hustler’s Diary” combines social realism with a laconic humour, and a consummate performance by lead Can Demirtas, who also worked on the script.

Director Ivica Zubak

Screenplay Ivica Zubak, Can Demirtas

Producer Abbe Hassan

Cast Can Demirtas (Metin), Jörgen Thorsson (Puma), Selma Caglar (Fatma), Lena Endre (Lena)


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