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RavensKorparna / Die Raben

Feature Films, Sweden 2017, 110 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

The film’s story of violence and misfortune are evident from the very beginning in the powerful images of a mean and unsympathetic natural world. The farmer Agne uses all his strength just to win a meagre living from it. It’s a life entirely dictated by work, yet it’s never enough – the farm does not make enough profit, and investors interested in the land are knocking at the door. Agne, an obstinate loner, turns them away. Soon, the first of his cows are lying dead in the fields. Conflicts between father and son add pressure from within. Klas is 15, a bird enthusiast, who yearns to travel far away. His father’s last hope, of passing the farm down the generations, is threatened. In “Ravens”, the explosive mixture of disappointment, guilt, and repressed hostility moves with a painful intensity towards the inevitable catastrophe.

Director Jens Assur

Screenplay Jens Assur, Jennie Assur nach dem Roman von / based on a novel by Tomas Bannerhed

Producer Jan Marnell, Tom Persson, Jens Assur

Cast Reine Brynolfsson (Agne), Maria Heiskanen (Gärd), Jacob Nordström (Klas)


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