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DisappearanceVerdwijnen / Das Entschwinden

Feature Films, the Netherlands / Norway 2017, 92 Min., dutch, norweg., engl. OV, engl. st

Roos is a photo-journalist who travels all over the world. This year, like every other year, she’s on her way to visit her mother Louise, a celebrated concert pianist, who has withdrawn to Norway’s far north. The visits have never gone well; mother and daughter are emotionally estranged from one another. But this time it's different. Roos has bad news and she would like to make peace with her mother. At first, past suffering and constant reproaches prevent them from talking. But her relationship to her younger half-brother Bengt, to her old love Johnny, and the presence of the vast snow landscapes eventually give Roos the strength to take a decisive step. “Disappearance” is reminiscent of the intimate cinematic dramas of Ingmar Bergman, although its emotional impact unfolds less in words than in the magnificent images and sounds.

Director Boudewijn Koole

Screenplay Jolein Laarman

Producer Ineke Kanters, Jan van der Zanden

Cast Rifka Lodeizen (Roos), Elsie de Brauw (Louise), Jakob Oftebro (Johnny), Marcus Hanssen (Bengt)


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