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Kaiken se kestää

Star BoysKaiken se kestää / Sternsinger

Feature Films, Finland / Sweden 2017, 82 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

That morning, they were still a happy family. Vesa lives with his parents and his little sister in a small town in northern Finland. The 13-year-old forged a sauna ladle as a birthday present for his father. But that evening, as he is out carolling in the streets with his friend Kaarlo, they unexpectedly stumble upon their parents having a toga party. Suddenly everything seems to go off the rails – Vesa’s father is noticeably attracted to Kaarlo’s mother, Vesa’s mother moves back to her parents’ house in a fit of rage, Kaarlo’s father takes refuge in silence. While the adults are discovering the freedom of the sexual revolution, as well as battling its consequences, the youngsters are left dangerously alone. The film is a finely observed portrait of an era when values were changing, and of how different generations coped with that.

Director Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Screenplay Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Producer Niko Ritalahti, Mika Ritalahti

Cast Vili Saarela (Vesa), Olavi Angervo (Kaarlo), Antti Luusuaniemi (Tapio), Pihla Viitala (Marja), Malla Malmivaara (Ulla), Tomi Enbuska (Antero)


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