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Feature Films, Finland 2017, 120 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

Being with Angela is like being high on coke, a man explains to Anna, “as if he sun were always shining”. But sometimes, he says, she gets strange ideas. Anna never knew her older half-sister, but when they meet, the younger woman is swept away and lets Angela turn her into a dancer. Together, they trawl nightclubs, moving from one euphoric high to the next – until they crash to earth. Angela inexorably attracts trouble. When their past catches up with them, they are forced to flee from a group of gangsters. “Miami” focuses on the dynamic between the two contrasting sisters, and depicts their porous dream world in garish colours, backed by a soundtrack of sometimes screamingly loud, sometimes dreamy pop music. The sand castle in the film is built very close to the edge of the abyss from the beginning. Bit by bit, this intense films turns from a road movie into a melancholy thriller.

Director Zaida Bergroth

Screenplay Jan Forsström, Zaida Bergroth

Producer Miia Havisto

Cast Krista Kosonen (Angela), Sonja Kuittinen (Anna), Janne Reinikainen (Jouni)


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