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Man DividedQEDA / QEDA - Der geteilte Mensch

Feature Films, Denmark / Finland / Sweden 2017, 84 Min., dan., engl. OV, engl. st

Humanity was not capable of securing its own existence, however we did figure out how to travel through time. But that means doubling up – or more accurately put, splitting in two. Fang Rung sends his other half back to the year 2017 to save a scientist’s research results that could save the world from destruction. Unfortunately his other half likes it so much in the past that he breaks off all contact with the present. Fang Rung travels back after him to prevent the past from falling apart. “QEDA” develops a theory of temporal mechanics that has nothing to fear from the great archetypes such as “12 Monkeys” – on the contrary. The film keeps us riveted with its complex, captivating plot and aesthetically impressive worlds – present and past.

Director Max Kestner

Screenplay Dunja Gry Jensen

Producer Birgitte Skov

Cast Carsten Bjørnlund (Fang Rung), Sofia Helin (Mona), Marijana Jankovic (Neli), Stina Ekblad (Ministerin), Dragomir Mrsic (Lui Marko), Joseph Mawle (Bingwen)

Website www.facebook.com/QEDA2017/


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