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En frygtelig kvinde

A Horrible WomanEn frygtelig kvinde / Eine fürchterliche Frau

Feature Films, Denmark 2017, 86 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

When Rasmus meets Marie, he falls for her hard. But the cloying violins that open “A Horrible Woman” are deceptive. It doesn’t take long at all before the object of his affection starts to tear Rasmus’ life apart. At first, her encroachments on his life are subtle. But in short order, the two are at a flea market, selling Rasmus’ CD collection at ludicrously low prices – the main point, as Marie says, is to get the darn things out of the apartment. Marie is nightmarishly matter-of-fact in her attempts to dominate Rasmus. The more we learn about her, the more monstrous her smile appears. Rasmus loses the plot and does everything wrong that can be done wrong, right up to the shattering end. Christian Tafdrup has succeeded in painting a precise, brilliantly acted portrait of a destructive relationship – from the point of view of the man, mind you.

Director Christian Tafdrup

Screenplay Mads Tafdrup, Christian Tafdrup

Producer Marta Mleczek, Thomas Heinesen

Cast Anders Juul (Rasmus), Amanda Collin (Marie), Rasmus Hammerich (Troels), Nicolai Jandorf (Lars), Carla Mickelborg (Pernille)

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