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Tödliche Identität

Deadly IdentityTödliche Identität / Tödliche Identität

Filmforum, Austria 2014, 17 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

A photo of Leonardo DiCaprio is developed and the photo becomes a film, in which he pulls a sardine can from his jacket. The next photo shows a post-conceptual artist lying on the floor bleeding. But what do Leonardo and the sardine can have to do with it? The homicide detectives take up the case. Michael Gülzow and Michael Simku use a wealth of optical illusions to satirise the art business.

Director Michael Gülzow

Screenplay Michael Gülzow, Michael Simku

Cast Nora Jacobs (Kommissarin), Bernd-Christian Althoff (Kommissar)

Website www.facebook.com/todliche.identitat

Trailer n.v.

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No screenings are available for this film.