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Ellos Sápmi

Long Live SápmiEllos Sápmi / Lang lebe Sápmi

Short Films, Norway 2015, 12 Min., norweg., swed., sami OV, engl. st

Klemet is a born leader. A real go-getter who always has a woman at his side and a piece of reindeer meat at hand. It's no surprise that he won't let the government men in suits mess with him. But there are traitors lurking among the ranks of his people. A humorous account of the political controversies that led to the foundation of the Sami parliament in the late 1970s.

Director Per-Josef Idivuoma

Screenplay Niilas A. Somby, Per-Josef Idivuoma

Cast Mikkel Gaup (Klemet), Louise Ryme (Hippie), Lars-Henrik Idivuoma (Niillas)

Website www.facebook.com/7samistories


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No screenings are available for this film.