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Áile ja Áhkku

Áile and GrandmotherÁile ja Áhkku / Áile und ihre Großmutter

Short Films, Norway 2015, 12 Min., sami OV, engl. st

Áile's grandmother has a particular gift: she is a shaman in the ancient Sami tradition, who understands the language of the bubbling brooks and knows the healing power of plants. Áile is very close to her grandmother, although their relationship will soon change. While Áile is maturing from a girl to a woman, her grandmother seeks to pass on her powers.

Director Silja Somby

Screenplay Silja Somby

Cast Elle Rávdná Näkkäläjärvi (Áile), Anne Maria Blind (Großmutter), Sara Margrethe Oskal (Mutter)

Website www.facebook.com/7samistories

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No screenings are available for this film.