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Mans tevs bankieris

My Father the BankerMans tevs bankieris / Mein Vater, der Banker

Documentary, Latvia 2015, 68 Min., latv., russ., engl. OV, engl. st

The question facing Ieva Ozolina is whether the man in the Interpol photo, who lives in a mental hospital in Malaysia, is her father. If so, it would be the first sign of life from him in 15 years. In her documentary, Ozolina tells the story of how her father became a stranger to her. In the chaotic period following the collapse of the Soviet Union, he turned to dubious deals and went from being a university professor to a flamboyant millionaire. He had guards posted around the house, left his family for his young secretary and bestowed lavish gifts on everyone. It all went fine until he founded a dodgy new bank and when it predictably collapsed, absconded with all the customers’ money. One very informative part of the film are the conversations with the director’s mother and sister, which reveal that the family never really processed the events. But Ozolina is determined to know and to understand what happened. So she heads to Malaysia.

Director Ieva Ozolina

Screenplay Ieva Ozolina

Website www.mistrusmedia.lv/productions#documentaries/my-father-the-banker


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