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Intruz / Efterskalv

The Here AfterIntruz / Efterskalv / Nachbeben

Feature Films, Sweden 2015, 102 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

John did something inconceivable and was sentenced to a juvenile detention facility. Now he’s done his time and his father picks him up to take him back home to the farm and his old life. But John is no longer welcome in the small Swedish village. Suspicious looks are soon followed by actual blows – not only from John’s classmates, but also from grown-up women in the supermarket. The community increasingly comes to resemble a lynch mob. Can John keep his anger in check this time? For a good part of the film, the audience doesn’t know what exactly John did to engender hate from all sides. But cinematography that captures the subtlest emotions in the faces of the characters illustrates the depth of his guilt. In the end, it becomes vividly clear how ineluctably a deed is tied to the place where it happened.

Director Magnus von Horn

Screenplay Magnus von Horn

Cast Ulrik Munther (John), Mats Blomgren (Martin), Wieslaw Komasa (Bosse), Alexander Nordgren (Filip), Loa Ek (Malin), Ellen Jelinek (Bea), Inger Nilsson (Rektor), Oliver Heilmann (Kim)

Website www.the-here-after.com


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