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persona non data

persona non data

Filmforum, Germany 2014, 82 Min.

Fourteen people share their stories of fleeing their native countries. They fled on foot, by boat or with the help of escape agents; they fled from war, toxic gas, torture, fear and terror. Some are still children, kept strong only by the courage of despair, led by their hopes and desires. They relate their personal experiences of arriving in Pinneberg near Hamburg. They lived in pre-fab container housing, and describe the strain of dealing with bureaucratic paperwork, and how they are affected by the “mandatory residence” rule, which restricts their movement to a small area and subjects them to spot checks. Above all, it leaves them in a state of constant uncertainty about whether they might be deported at any moment, or even after ten years in the country. The tales of individual struggles are augmented by cinematic visualisations of the restrictions under which the refugees live.

Director Dorothea Carl

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