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Hot Chicks

Hot Chicks

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2014, 15 Min., 14 years and older

Five young women in a dressing room prepare for their appearance in a music video. The song’s title is nothing unexpected – “Hot Chicks”. A stylist puts the finishing touches on them, the manager explains the concept of the video: They should look sexy and laid-back to provide eye-candy around the male singer. The film critically deconstructs the treatment of the female body as an object of the camera’s gaze.

Director Ninja Thyberg

Screenplay Ninja Thyberg, Veronica Zacco

Cast J. Hutton (Jessika), M. Andersson (Isabell), N. Blondell (Nadja), H. Jansson (Susanne), E. Johansson (Pia), J. Lalér (Alex), V. Rodriguez (Valentina), H. Stiernstedt (Helga), Ingrid Wrisley (Ina)

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No screenings are available for this film.