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Fallwurf Böhme - Das wundersame Leben des Wolfgang Böhme

The Case Boehme – The wondrous Life of Wolfgang BöhmeFallwurf Böhme - Das wundersame Leben des Wolfgang Böhme / Fallwurf Böhme - Das wundersame Leben des Wolfgang Böhme

Filmforum, Germany 2012, 90 Min.

All three of them are sporty types: the twins Matthias and Wolfgang, as well as their older brother Hans-Werner. But only one takes the successful step from the 1960s GDR into the international world of high performance sports: Wolfgang Böhme, a handball talent of the highest order. Left-handed. He attends boarding school at age 13, followed by a sports school and the merchant navy - always away from his mother and father. The training units and handball competitions, conducted as Cold War combat, make it difficult for him to find a love of his life. Wolfgang Böhme becomes the captain of the GDR team and receives an abundance of offers by headhunters. He remains steadfast. Then something inconceivable happens: he is exemted just before the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow and is compelled to detrain.

Director Heinz Brinkmann

Screenplay Matthias Thalheim, Heinz Brinkmann

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