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Vom Fischer und seiner Frau

The Fisherman and His WifeVom Fischer und seiner Frau / Vom Fischer und seiner Frau

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 60 Min.

Fisher Hein and his wife Ilsebill live a poor but happy life in an upturned pot. Until Hein returns home one day without a catch but with an unusual story. He had caught a speaking flounder which claimed to be an enchanted prince and which he had willingly returned to the sea. Ilsebill was stunned that her husband had not made a wish! She sends him back immediately: the flounder is to give him a hut as a sign of gratitude. Her wish is promptly fulfilled. But their happiness does not last, and Ilsebill's wishes become ever more demanding, with the sea changing to an ever more unpleasant colour and soon emitting an unbearable stench. Hein is stunned as his beloved wife grows ever stranger and soon demands to become God!

Director Christian Theede

Screenplay Leonie Bongartz, Dieter Bongartz

Cast Fabian Busch (Fischer Hein), Katharina Schüttler (Ilsebill), Jan Fedder (Stimme des Butt), Peter Heinrich Brix (Fischer), Catrin Striebeck (Adlige)

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