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Can't Be Silent

Can't Be Silent

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 85 Min., FSK 0

They have almost arrived and yet they are on the run. They are musicians and yet they are outcasts. They bring together thousands of people with their music and yet they are prohibited from entering the next district. Nuri (Dagestan), Jacques (Ivory Coast), Hosain (Afghanistan), Sam (Gambia) and Revelino (Ivory Coast) have left their countries in search of a new home. Detained in refugee camps, they are condemned to a life of standstill. However, Heinz Ratz visited 80 refugees and discovered great musicians. His band “Strom & Wasser” was augmented by “The Refugees” and was met by an enthusiastic audience. Director Julia Oelkers accompanied Heinz Ratz and the refugees in their attempts to free themselves from their allocated locations - by the simple yet effective means of raising their own voice.

Director Julia Oelkers

Screenplay Julia Oelkers, Lars Maibaum

Website www.cant-be-silent.de

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