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Tore tanzt

Nothing Bad Can HappenTore tanzt / Tore tanzt

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 110 Min., FSK 16

Tore, a self-appointed “Jesus warrior” deliberately lives a non-violent and chaste life. He intends to start a new life with similar minded people in Hamburg. But the group breaks apart. By coincidence he encounters Benno, whom he had previously helped when his car broke down. The family man invites Tore to his allotment garden. He lets him camp there, and Tore initially feels part of the patchwork family. But the idyllic facade begins to crumble and Benno's sadistic inclinations begin to surface. Tore stoically endures the humiliations and violations as his faith bids him to turn the other cheek.

Director Katrin Gebbe

Screenplay Katrin Gebbe

Cast Julius Feldmeier (Tore), Sascha Alexander Gersak (Benno Pohl), Annika Kuhl (Astrid), Swantje Kohlhof (Sanny), Til Niklas Theinert (Dennis), Daniel Michel (Eule) u.v.a.Stephan


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