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NorthbeachNordstrand / Nordstrand

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 89 Min.

Marten (30) and his brother Volker (27) meet at their abandoned North Sea family home for the first time in years. Their mother is to be released from prison, where she has been detained since their father's death. Marten wants to persuade his younger brother to join him in collecting their mother. But Volker rejects the idea of a new family beginning. He seems to be there only to sell the house. To this day, he reproaches his mother for failing to protect him from his father's assaults. And he seems to be playing a strange game with Marten, who considers himself complicit in being the older brother ...

Director Florian Eichinger

Screenplay Florian Eichinger

Cast Martin Schleiß (Marten), Daniel Michel (Volker), Luise Berndt (Enna), Anna Thalbach (Mutter), Rainer Wöss (Vater), Martina Krauel (Frau Suhren)

Website www.nordstrandfilm.de

Trailer http://www.nordstrandfilm.de/trailer/

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