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Luftskipet Norges flukt over Polhavet

The Airship Norge's Flight Across the Arctic OceanLuftskipet Norges flukt over Polhavet / Mit Amundsen im Luftschiff zum Nordpol

Retrospective, Norway 1926, 87 Min.

Once again accompanied by Lincoln Ellsworth, Amundsen attempts to cross the Arctic in an airship - together with its Italian constructor Umberto Nobile. The film shows the entire enterprise: footage of Rome and the airship's presentation at the Norwegian Aero-Club in the presence of Mussolini, the journey to Ny-Ålesund and the polar departure on 11 May 1926. The climax is marked by the dropping off of a Norwegian flag above the North Pole on the next day. Besides images of the take-off and landing of the American North Pole aviator Richard E. Byrd on Spitzbergen, the film also shows life aboard the airship and the cheering crowds that welcome the returning travellers at home. The footage from Rome, Oslo and Spitsbergen was shot by Paul Berge, while the footage of the Arctic Ocean and Amerika was shot by the pilot Lieutenant Emil Horgen.

Director Paul Berge, Emil Andreas Horgen

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