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Tina & Bettina

Tina & Bettina – The MovieTina & Bettina / Tina & Bettina

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2012, 85 Min., 14 years and older

Tina and Bettina are prototypical Oslo westenders. They look down on any proles and nerds that aren't so lucky to be living in their rich quarter of town. However, one day these two teenagers are confronted with an unexpected “immigrant problem” in their pink Barbie world. As chairpersons of their school council, Tina and Bettina are sure of their popularity amongst their peers. But then a new girl comes into their class, and with her amazing looks, Synnøve triggers rivalries that escalate by Halloween. “Tina and Bettina” is a shrill teenager comedy about girl friendships and hostility, starring the brilliant male comedians Odd-Magnus Williamson and Henrik Thodesen in den title roles (!).

Director Simen Alsvik

Screenplay Espen Børke Enger

Cast Odd-Magnus Williamson (Tina), Henrik Thodesen (Bettina), Triana Iglesias (Synnøve), Ingar Helge Gimle (Rolf)

Trailer www.critic.de/film/tina-bettina-4361/trailer/

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