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Miss Farkku-Suomi

Miss Blue JeansMiss Farkku-Suomi / Miss Blue Jeans

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland / Sweden 2012, 96 Min., 14 years and older

Oulu in 1977. Even this small Finnish town is marked by the spirit of cultural revolution. Even here, people have heard of Lou Reed, the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls. The 17-year-old Välde is an avid supporter, not just of their music. He follows his heroes' example, cuts his hair short and uses his mother's mascara to blacken his eyes. His classmate Pike raises even more attention, though, when she is elected as the Finnish “Miss Blue Jeans”. They almost develop a love relationship. But when Pike chooses a square competitor, Välde seeks total immersion in punk. “Miss Blue Jeans” is propelled by the songs of Lou Reed and den New York Dolls just as by the songs of Kauko Röhyhkä, the Finnish writer and rock musician whose novel provided the basis for this rousing document of the times.

Director Matti Kinnunen

Screenplay Matti Kinnunen, nach einem Roman von Kauko Röyhkä

Cast Mikko Neuvonen (Välde), Sanni Kurkisuo (Pike), Elias Gould (Sasu), Milja Nieminen (Katja), Misa Lommi (Anki)


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