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Pod Kolpakom / Under the Hood

Under the HoodPod Kolpakom / Under the Hood / Unter der Knute

Documentary, Litauen / Irland 2013, 75 Min.

His victims feel reminded of Stalin, or they call him fascist: Alexander Lukashenko has been president of the Republic of Belarus since 1994. Since that time he is considered to be Europe's last dictator, despite the fact that he keeps being voted into power.The Irish filmmakers Mark Byrne and Rob Dennis accompanied followers of the opposition in the capital city of Minsk. The film shows the violent suppression of their protests by the militia, as well as their being spied upon in their everyday lives. They questioned entrepreneurs whose businesses are flourishing under Lukashenko, they visited a committed journalist, who now lives in exile in Lithuania. And they went into the country, where pensioners and simple citizens revere the former Red Army officer and political ally of Vladimir Putin as “bat'ka”, as “father”.

Director Mark Byrne, Robert Dennis


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