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Tsernoboli samuraid

The Samurai of ChernobylTsernoboli samuraid / Die Samurai von Tschernobyl

Documentary, Estonia 2012, 55 Min.

Actually, not much has changed, according to the old lady who tends her garden within the restricted area around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power station - except that things have quietened down. As a matter of fact, the area is almost completely depopulated. Half-derelict, weather-beaten houses, filled with junk and trash, bear witness to a hasty evacuation. More than 830,000 helpers from all over the Soviet Union were on location at the time - almost every eighth of them has died since. 5000 helpers came from Estonia. Two of them have returned to Chernobyl, to provide an idea of the situation. Simultaneously, the film pays homage to the countless victims who suffered. The biologist Aleksei Nesterenko estimates that altogether one million people have died between 1986 and 2004 as a consequence of the accident.

Director Ivar Heinmaa

Screenplay Ivar Heinmaa, Vesa Toijonen


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