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Der Weg ist kein Ziel

The Way is No AimDer Weg ist kein Ziel / Der Weg ist kein Ziel

Documentary, Germany 2013, 47 Min.

Martin Varga is a cameraman and a member of a North Greenland expedition with Arved Fuchs. After weeks of hiking trough the lonely Arctic ice desert, the journey seems to grow ever longer. Conversations become scarce. The landscape is empty. Mundane wishes arise: meeting friends, eating a curry-wurst. But walking is all there is; walking, walking, walking ... The film realistically and entertainingly does away with wrong perceptions of “heroism” in coping with the trials of the Arctic. “Der Weg ist kein Ziel” presents the simple life of Greenland hunters alongside the complex logistics behind a polar expedition, thus questioning the meaning, the point and the results of such an enterprise with subtle irony.

Director Bernd Siering

Screenplay Bernd Siering

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