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Documentary, Denmark 2012, 57 Min.

“The ocean meant the world to me,” says one of the inmates of the closed psychiatric ward in Risskov who list what they miss most: Nature. Family. Freedom. Greenland. Ivalo Frank has interviewed criminal offenders from Greenland that are being detained in the ward, far from their families. Quiet, black and white images show three men and a woman who are considered to be mentally disordered or dangerous give accounts of drug abuse, homicide and a life in custody. Ivalo Frank: “In the beginning I was very hesitant because I would not make another film about the weak, poor Greenlanders. It was important for me to meet these people without condemnation, so I chose to focus on general human issues such as family, freedom, joy, sorrow, loss and their thoughts on Greenland.”

Director Ivalo Frank

Screenplay Ivalo Frank


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No screenings are available for this film.