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Dans for mig

Dance for MeDans for mig / Tanz für mich

Documentary, Denmark 2012, 80 Min.

“No final. First place.” Egor's mother does not hesitate to let her son and his dance partner Mie know what she expects of the young dance couple's performance at the German Open in Stuttgart. It is their first mutual competition. The 15-year-old Russian Egor has only recently moved in with his Danish host family. They expect him to advance Mie's dancing. Separated from his mother, who lives in China, Egor must learn to adapt to his new environment. Not only do the dance moves require perfection, but the chemistry between Mie and himself must also be good. As the couple fails in the preliminary round in Stuttgart, Egor is subsequently put on a probation period. “Dance for Me” is a sensitive, sympathetic portrait of the challenges met by young dancers in their attempts to become international champions.

Director Katrine Philp


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