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Snabba Cash – Livet Deluxe

Life DeluxeSnabba Cash – Livet Deluxe / Lass sie bluten

Specials, Sweden / Norway 2013, 120 Min.

In the third part of the film trilogy after the “Stockholm Noir” crime stories by Jens Lapidus, their hero Johan Westlund (alias JW) searches for his missing sister Camilla in Los Angeles. This brings the protagonists from the Stockholm underworld into the centre of the action: e.g. Jorge Salinas Barrio, who is planning the largest bank raid in Swedish history; Martin Hägerström, who is investigating undercover in the Serbian mafia; the latter's “godfather” Radovan Krajnic, who becomes the victim of a surprise attack. Jens Jonsson has confidently brought the plotlines together at international locations including Mexico and Los Angeles and has directed an “old school” thriller that does without exagerrated special effects. A US remake of the first part is currently being prepared in Hollywood.

Director Jens Jonsson

Screenplay Maria Karlsson, Jens Jonsson, nach einem Roman von Jens Lapidus

Cast Joel Kinnaman (JW), Matias Varela (Jorge), Martin Wallström (Hägerström), Madeleine Martin (Nadja), Malin Buska (Natalie), Dejan Cukic (Radovan)


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