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Specials, Sweden 2013, 102 Min.

“We'll be in Malmö six thirty. Hamburg at eight forty in the morning.” Jean, servant to a rural aristocrat, had a passionate midsummer-night affair with the daughter of the house. Now he plans their mutual escape to Italy. But the high-born young lady has only played games with her subordinate's affections. Just as she had previously attempted to domesticate her fiancé, she now wants Jean to do as she pleases. When she neither wishes to overcome class barriers nor to leave her gilded cage, tragic consequences ensue. In her true-to-the-original adaptation of the Strindberg classic, actress Helena Bergström has concentrated fully on the depiction of a war of the sexes, carried out in highly emotional dialogues: “A servant stays a servant.” “And a whore stays a whore.”

Director Helena Bergström

Screenplay Helena Bergström, nach dem Stück based on the play by von August Stribdberg

Cast Nadja Mirmiran (Julie), Björn Bengtsson (Jean), Sofi Helleday (Kristin), Robert Panzenböck (Vater)

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