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Kerron sinulle kaiken

Open Up to MeKerron sinulle kaiken / Ich werde dir alles erzählen

Feature Films, Finland / Sweden 2013, 95 Min.

They used to feace each other in opposing teams on the football pitch. Noch they exchange intimate tenderness: Sami is a married family man and Maarit is an attractive woman. You wouldn't be able to tell that she had had a sex change. When the teacher and the unemployed social worker meet for the first time, Sami immediately pours his heart out, because he takes her for a psychologist. Maarit has a deep understanding for male needs, and her advice is quite helpful. So helpful that Sami falls in love with his “therapist”. The film gives a sensitive, convincing account of the emotional pitfalls in this unusual relationship and of the exceptional social pressure that trans-gender persons are exposed to in their professions and private lives.

Director Simo Halinen

Screenplay Simo Halinen

Cast Leea Klemola (Maarit), Peter Franzén (Sami), Ria Kataja (Juulia), Emmi Nivala (Pinja), Alex Anton (Teo)

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No screenings are available for this film.