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Kaikella rakkaudella

Things We Do for LoveKaikella rakkaudella / In aller Liebe

Feature Films, Finland / Norway 2013, 97 Min.

Toivo is a shy, clumsy photographer who makes peculiar postcards. Ismo, on the other hand, is a real man. He was recently in jail for stabbing an admirer of his wife in a fit of jealousy. Both men meet in Lapland, where Toivo is helping the single mother Ansa renovate her house after a clumsy mishap and soon falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Ismo turns out to be her husband - and a trigger for family turbulences into which Toivo is dragged in a mixture of love and helplessness. Bizarre characters, absurd situations, accompanied by wonderful summer and harsh winter landscapes: “Things We Do for Love” combines all the qualities of an unfathomable Finnish comedy around a loveably ruthless “hillbilly family”.

Director Matti Ijäs

Screenplay Heikki Vuento, Auli Mantila, Matti Ijäs, J-P Passi

Cast Krista Kosonen (Ansa), Sampo Sarkola (Toivo Vaarala), Tommi Korpela (Ismo Raate), Hannu-Pekka Björkman (Martti Raate)

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