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Tumman veden päällä

Above Dark WatersTumman veden päällä / Aus dunklen Wassern

Feature Films, Finland 2013, 108 Min.

Franzén spent six years writing a novel. Now he has made his own adaptation: It tells the tale of Pete, who grows up in Keminmaa, in south-west Lapland. Together with his sister, he lives a sheltered life in a seemingly intact family. But the idyllic facade begins to crack. At night, the boy hears calamitous noises, fights and crying. Pete's stepfather is the source of this domestic violence. He becomes incalculable when he drinks or believes he has reason to be jealous. But because Pete's mother is already once-divorced, she does not want to leave him. She repeatedly brings the boy to his grandparents, where he finds the strength to develop his own personality. Strictly told from a child's perspective, the film conveys a moving insight into a difficult childhood.

Director Peter Franzén

Screenplay Peter Franzén

Cast Olavi Angervo (Pete), Samuli Edelmann (Vater), Matleena Kuusniemi (Mutter), Ismo Kallio (Großvater), Marja Packalén (Großmutter), Milja Tuunainen (Suvi), Peter Franzén (Kake)


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