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Feature Films, Estonia 2013, 97 Min.

Some villagers on the Estonian island of Saaremaa become distressed when the post lady Kertu is missing after midsummer night. Kertu is in her mid-thirties and slightly disabled. She lives with her agressive, dominant father, is quiet and modest and is usually wary of strangers. Kertu is finally found after a long search - seemingly perturbed under the bed of the good-looking, but totally run-down drunkard Villu. The islanders soon make up their minds that Kertu was raped. But the truth is somewhat different: Kertu had not only been watching Villu unnoticed, but she had also been sending him postcards ... Director Ilmar Raag, himself a native of Saaremaa, tells knowingly of the restrictions of small town life and the desire to escape them.

Director Ilmar Raag

Screenplay Ilmar Raag

Cast Ursula Ratasepp (Kertu), Mait Malmsten (Villu), Peeter Tammearu (Kertus Vater), Külliki Saldre, Leila Säälik


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