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Spies & Glistrup

Sex, Drugs & TaxationSpies & Glistrup / Sex, Drogen und Steuern

Feature Films, Denmark 2013, 110 Min.

Taxes are immoral! This view enabled the solicitor Mogens Glistrup help save his friend and business associate Simon Spies a lot of money in the 60s. Together they built a financial empire around Spies' airline. While Glistrup keeps seeking new loopholes, Spies lives it up with sex and drugs. But when the tax authorities bring charges against Glistrup, Spies abandons his old friend. But Glistrup isn't down yet. Far from it: his political career has only just begun! Sticking strictly to facts, but obviously enjoying its protagonists' excesses, this shrill “biopic” recounts a radical market fairy tale from 1960s Denmark.

Director Christoffer Boe

Screenplay Simon Pasternak, Christoffer Boe

Cast Johan Philip Asbæk (Simon Spies), Nicolas Bro (Mogens Glistrup), Jesper Christensen (Dommer Bergsøe), Trine Pallesen (Lene Glistrup)


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