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Auf der Jagd nach norwegischen Trollen

Chasing the Norwegian TrollsAuf der Jagd nach norwegischen Trollen / Auf der Jagd nach norwegischen Trollen

Retrospective, Norway 2010, 103 Min., FSK 12

While filming a documentary about an alleged bear poacher, a group of young film students perilously encounters a hairy monster that their guide Hans identifies as a troll. In order to throw light on the grievances surrounding his profession as troll hunter, he allows the filmmakers to accompany him on his hunt ... Shot “on location” in the woods of Vestlandet in western Norway, the film features elaborate special effects as it “documents” the irritating social behaviour of Norway's original inhabitants. The film combines Nordic mythology and applied troll studies in the form of a “mockumentary” reminiscent of “The Blair Witch Project”, the tradition of which it does immense justice to. Literally “colossal fun”, in which even Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg himself took part. A US remake is in production.

Director André Øvredal

Screenplay André Øvredal

Cast Otto Jespersen (Hans), Glenn Erland Tosterud (Thomas), Johanna Mørck (Johanna), Tomas Alf Larsen (Kalle), Urmila Berg-Domaas (Malica), Hans Morten Hansen (Finn Haugen), Robert Stoltenberg (polnischer Jäger)

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