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I Miss YouJag saknar dig / Du fehlst mir, du fehlst mir!

Films for young viewers, Sweden/Finland 2011, 125 Min., 14 years and older

Jag saknar dig

Tina and Cilla are twin sisters, absolutely identical on the outside, but very individual characters on the inside: Tina is rebellious and makes a point of dressing smartly, while Cilla puts all her energy into a drama project for the benefit of starving children in the Third World. On their mother's birthday a catastrophe happens: Cilla is run over by a young man from the neighbourhood and dies. Tina is overwhelmed by grief and feelings of loss, and fills her diary with the ever same sentence "I miss you!". Then there's Ailu, a rock singer who has written a song for Cilla. When he asks Tina to accompany him on the violin on that track, the girl begins her bereavement process. Ander Grönro's powerful youth drama is a literary adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name by Peter Pohl, which is based on the diaries of a Swedish girl in the 1990s. The film stars the brilliant twin actresses Hanna and Erika Midfjäll.

Director Anders Grönros

Screenplay Anders Grönros

Cast Thomas Hanzon (Albert), Tom Ljungman (Stefan), Erika Midfjäll (Tina), Hanna Midfjäll (Cilla), Ludvig Nilsson (Ailu), Ola Rapace (Georg), Birthe Wingren (Monika), Basia Frydman

Trailer http://bit.ly/ksXE7m

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