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AugustElokuu / August

Films for young viewers, Finland 2011, 109 Min., English subtitles, 16 years and older


"I’m 1000 kilometers from home, I don’t have my car, phone or money. I’m at the summerhouse of complete strangers – and I’m travelling with a girl that hates me." Aku just finished school and believes that a boring summer lies ahead of him: His parents are abroad, his girlfriend is on a trip to St. Petersburg and he must stay at home in Helsinki because of a job on a construction site. But then he meets the attractive Juli at a midsummer party and his holidays take an unexpected and confusing turn. Juli has him chauffeur her to her sister's wedding and thence further north without the now amorous Aku being able to hit on her. So far everything in the young man's sheltered life had always gone according to plan. But now Aku must come to realize that real life demands more than to follow the given curriculum. "August" is a midsummer road movie that shows Finland from its most seductive side.

Director Oskari Sipola

Screenplay Oskari Sipola, nach einer Idee von from an original idea by Harri Paananen

Cast Eppu Pastinen (Aku), Lina Turkama (Juli), Zagros Manuchar (Freda), Niina Koponen (Erika), Pihla Viitala (Johanna), Ilkka Heiskanen (Vater), Henrika Andersson (Mutter), Juha Lagström (Hannu), Markku Maalismaa (Risto), Heikki Ranta (Timppa)

Website www.bronsonclub.com/august/


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