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Empire St. PauliEmpire St. Pauli – von Perlenketten und Platzverweisen / Empire St. Pauli – von Perlenketten und Platzverweisen

Filmforum, Germany 2009, 85 Min.

Empire St. Pauli – von Perlenketten und Platzverweisen

Hamburg's most famous quarter is being re-constructed under full-bodied announcements of major building projects – and one of the last gaps in the so-called "pearl necklace" on the shore of the River Elbe is being closed. Tourist marketing is running at full throttle. An increasing number of medium and high income earners now live and work in the formerly poor quarter of St. Pauli. "Evict the people, increase the rent – bam – just straighforward capitalism, isn't it?", says one citizen interviewed in the film. But where do the people go whose roots lie here, who used to live in cheap apartments here and could go to a bar and drink beer for one euro fifty? What happens to those that don't fit into the new picture, or those that stand up against it? The film gives many authentic citizens of St.Pauli the opportunity to speak their thoughts, constituting a ulti-faceted spectrum of opinions beyond the red-light district, petty thieves and stereotype poverty.

Director Irene Bude, Olaf Sobczak

Screenplay Irene Bude, Olaf Sobczak

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