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Al Jolson and The Jazz SingerAl Jolson and The Jazz Singer / Al Jolson und The Jazz Singer

Filmforum Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2008, 85 Min.

Al Jolson and The Jazz Singer

Documentary about the world's first talking picture. On October 6th of 1927 the Warner Bros. production "The Jazz Singer" had its premiere in New York City. The first talkie with dialogue revolutionized the film industry and marked the end of silent films. The story around the Jewish protagonist Jakie Rabinowitz, torn between tradition and modern spirit, and the success of the film are inseparably connected with the artist Al Jolson. The film delivers an insight into the social and technological developments of the time, as well as into Jolson's personal background; a history of the immigrants' search for identity in the "New World" at the beginning of the 20th century.

Director Andrea Oberheiden

Screenplay Andrea Oberheiden

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